Easy Ways to Find Company Email Address


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With the advancement of the internet, communicating with prospective clients in the B2B market has been a lot easier. Collaborating and outreach among companies are just a few clicks away. Just send one email, and boom! Your message is conveyed. But the real trouble is finding the email addresses of the prospective client.

The most professional and convenient way of communicating with leads, prospects, or customers, is through emails. It is also one of the crucial steps in any successful sales outreach strategy. So, what if you are trying to send an email to your prospective client but you can’t find their email in even the smallest crannies of the internet? It is difficult to find the email of your prospective client as a lot of people are protective of their email addresses to prevent spam.

In such cases, you can simply guess the email address by trying various first and last name combinations and hope that one of them comes out. If after trying a lot, you still couldn’t figure out their email, then in this blog, we will provide tricks through which you can find a company’s email addresses easily.

Why is it Necessary to Find Company Email Addresses?

Communicating through emails definitely sounds professional. You definitely understand the potential costs of mailing someone without their permission as a marketer.

In the B2B market, you might occasionally need to get in touch with your leads and prospects directly. Maybe you need the blog or website owner’s email or link reclamation. Or perhaps you are looking for advice from an expert.

The ultimate goal of connecting with them is to increase revenue. It might be used for prospect research and communication. Or perhaps you are looking for a chance to cooperate or receive feedback.

Even while emails can be used for obscene means by spammers, the B2B sector has genuine uses for them. You show up to drive your sales rather than waiting for the prospects to come knocking on your door.

Unfortunately, most marketers are unaware of how to conduct effective cold outreach. As a result, a successful method like this occasionally sparks debate. So, if you don’t want to be one of them, continue reading this blog.

How to find the company’s email address?

  1. Use Professional Email Finder Tool.
  2. Taking the help of an email lookup tool is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to locate a company email address. They have a collection of huge databases, which they frequently update. So, finding the data is the only task you have.

    However, make sure the search engine you are using is trustworthy. Additionally, it must offer verifiable information that is accurate. Therefore, a reliable source is an ideal choice to consider.

    Mentioned below are some of the best email lookup tools for you to get started:


    Tools to find a Company’s Email.

    1. Hunter.io
    2. FindThatLead
    3. Snov.io
    4. Skrapp
    5. Lusha
    6. VoilaNorbert
    7. ContactOut
    8. Nymeria
    9. EmailSearch.io Email Search Engine
    10. GetProspect

  3. Visit the Company Website
  4. If you don’t know a prospect’s business email, one of the first things you should do is go to their company website. The “Contact Us” option on almost every business’ website neatly offers a phone number or a link to their primary email.

    You can contact them directly by phone or by email. There is a good chance the person in charge of keeping an eye on the page will put you in touch with the individual you are looking for.

  5. Visit the author's website.
  6. Sending newsletters via email to communicate about promotional events or the launch of new products/services is a popular marketing strategy.

    A great method to interact with them is to sign up for their email list. You can send them a letter, and the majority of the time they respond to their subscribers.

    Even though you won’t first approach the person you are looking for, you will eventually obtain your prospect’s contact information.

  7. Use Social Networks and Research
  8. Don’t be hesitant to send a direct message to a prospect if you are connected to them on a website like LinkedIn but don’t have their email address. However, watch out for your LinkedIn message turning into a sales pitch. Include a compliment regarding the business or the sector they work in. By building rapport, you will get more than just their email address; you will be able to continue the relationship.

    Another social media platform that is useful for locating emails is ‘Twitter’. You might be able to uncover their email address or links to the websites they are affiliated with by searching for their Twitter account. If not, you can ask them about their work in a brief message and then request to continue the conversation via email.

  9. Subscribe to their email list.
  10. Today, the majority of businesses send a daily or weekly email newsletter. Subscribe to these emails, read them, and send your comments, questions, and compliments to the authors via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

    Even though they might not be the potential customer you are seeking to attract, developing a rapport with these business associates will help you get your foot in the door. Once you have established a connection with the authors, it will be simple to request an email introduction to the important stakeholders.

  11. Connect Via Support Chat
  12. If the above-written tricks don’t work, then you can use their “Live Chat” feature to inquire about their company email addresses, if none of these solutions appear to work for you.

    In order to prevent spammers from flooding their inboxes, several businesses opt not to publicly divulge their email IDs. In circumstances like this, striking up a conversation in their chat box is the ideal technique to obtain their mail addresses.

    The customer service representative can provide you with the necessary email addresses. If you look up the names and work titles of the people you need to get in touch with and ask them directly for their mail IDs, you can complete the task more quickly.

    Your representative can assist you in receiving an appropriate and favorable response. This also depends on how you portray yourself. You can receive the information you need if you give a decent introduction of yourself and your company. The advantage of this approach is that it is simple and cost-free. Simply asking a question is all that is required. You won’t be confused because the firm representative personally answers your questions. However, choosing to generate plenty of leads is a very ineffective strategy because it wastes time.

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