Job Search Tips and Tools to help you find your dream job


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In our whole career, I’m sure we all have to go through this situation at least once. You spend days upon days going through job ads, hours upon hours tweaking your resume to fit each position, preparing to attend countless interviews, and then, nothing. You’ll then have to look after more job openings and wonder if you’ll ever get out of this loop. You might wonder if something is missing in your job-search process. Maybe your resume isn’t good enough or ATS friendly so it never reached the recruiters. Or maybe you are not looking for job ads in the right places.

Well, whatever the reason is, we’ll guide you on how to look for jobs in the right way.

To make it easy for you, we have divided the whole guide into three parts-

  • Job-Search Tips – Full guide about the job-search process.
  • Resume Tips - A resume can make or break your job search and hence, we’ll give you all the essential tips on making a convincing resume.
  • Interview Tips - With our interview tips, you’ll feel more confident than ever.

There’s a lot to cover, so get ready to learn about it.

Tips to Help You Find The Right Job

If you are a fresher, you’ll need to decide in which profile your skills, and your goals would fit. So, while looking for jobs, here are a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind.

1. Determine Your Career Goals

Before you start your job hunt, especially if you’re a fresher or you’re changing careers, you’ll need to determine your career goals and narrow down your search. If you don’t decide on a particular profile and will surf for random jobs, then you might get confused about where to start. So instead of getting confused, just think about which industry are you aiming for, what your dream job is there any specific position where you fit in, or what are the necessary steps you need to take to get there?

These questions will help you figure out what exactly in which profile your skills, and your goals would fit perfectly.

2. Put efforts into your Job-Search

Job search is not an easy task. You’ll have to constantly look for a job. Dedicate a few hours in a day to looking after job openings. Don’t stop the job search till you have some interviews lined up. Also, you should apply for 10-20 jobs a day and not apply to any company you see. Before applying for a job look after the company’s website do some research about the company’s profile and then apply for the job.

If you don’t find sufficient time to apply for jobs then you can use tools such as LoopCV that automate your job application process by collecting millions of job postings, matching your profile, and applying on your behalf.

Steps to do this on Loop CV:

  • Upload your CV
  • Define your job preferences
  • Create some of your job searches (Loops)

That’s it. LoopCV will then search for matches and send you a notification immediately. Also, it will apply for jobs on your behalf.

3. Social media can be advantageous.

Social Media has always been revolutionary. Studies claim that at least 73% of candidates got their job from social media platforms. That is a huge number! Follow up on different companies’ accounts on social media, so that you will be able to get information when they post for a job.

However, don’t limit your search to social media only. Reach out to other platforms as well.

4. Prioritise your network.

A lot of job positions get filled internally through networking, even without posting for a job opening. According to experts, 70-85% of people found their jobs through networking. It also makes sense as companies will prefer candidates that are recommended by a trusted source rather than someone they found on the internet. Hence networking is one of the most efficient ways to find a job and one must take advantage of it.

You should strengthen your network. Get out and have a face-to-face conversation with people. Build up your connections with people you already know. Tell them about your ambitions, where you are, and where you aim to go, and learn the same about them as well. You’ll enjoy talking to those people.

5. Focus on honing your skills.

You shouldn’t keep looking for a job for hours. You can’t even. So, while looking for a job search, you should also look at strengthening your skills. After all, if an interviewer calls, then it’s your skills that will impress them. So, what you should do is look for jobs for some two-three hours, and then focus more on honing your skills. Also, when we say to hone your skills means you need to look after your hard skills more than your soft skills. If you wish to then, can also take an online course, volunteer, or do an internship related to the position/industry you are trying to get into. You will get the chance to meet new people who might help you with your job search. Also, you will get something new to add to your resume

6. Keep yourself updated on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been proven to be one of the best job search platforms. Apart from job search one can go for networking and connecting with other professionals. One of the most interesting things about LinkedIn is that every 7 seconds, someone gets hired through LinkedIn. So, you might also stand a chance of getting selected by a reputed company as well. But for that, you’ll need to keep your LinkedIn profile impressive just like your resume.

Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • Use a decent-looking profile photo
  • Create the right headline and summary. Use hashtags as well.
  • Keep it up to date with your education, work experiences, and skills.
  • Try to post frequently on LinkedIn

By doing this more people will get to know your profile and thus will increase your connection. This will optimize your page better and you’ll have recruiters reaching out and inviting you for jobs.

7. Use Several Other Job-Search Websites

LinkedIn isn’t the only platform that is ideal for job search. There are several other websites as well where you can continue your job search. These

Now that there are a lot of job-search platforms, you might be confused about which one is trustworthy. Worry not. We have mentioned some of the top websites where you can look for jobs.

8. Conduct Your Research

Employment is a two-way thing; not only you will need to be a good fit for the company, but the company also needs to be the right fit for you. So, while searching for jobs, just don’t recklessly apply to any company you see. Please do some research about the company its values, salaries, etc., and then apply for the company. Remember, if the company is not a right fit for you then it will be difficult for you to maintain your work-life balance. You can visit the Glassdoor website, where you can read company reviews, check salary ranges, and more.

Tools to Help You Find Your Dream Job.

There are various job search tools available in the

Top Job-search websites:

Naukri- Here you will need to create a profile with your name, your summary, CV, and all other necessary details to optimize your profile. Thereafter you can search for thousands of jobs by mentioning your job profile and location in the search bar.

LinkedIn – Mention the location where you want your job and your experience level and then all the job applications will appear. You can also connect with other professionals there.

Indeed- Create your profile here and mention your job title and location and poof, and then you’ll be directed to thousands of different company career pages

Glassdoor- You can search for jobs based on job type, salary, range, and distance. You can also get honest reviews and average salaries in a field or company. – Here you’ll need to create a profile and upload your CV there. This website uses artificial intelligence and automation to match you up with job opportunities. Always make sure your CV is updated.

Monster – You will need to search for jobs based on keywords, location, etc. they also provide you with some career advice based on your application.

Job Seer- if you are tired of searching page after page to find the right job for you, then this app will help you find the right jobs for you, cut through the wrong ones and stand out from the pack. it is a free extension app for Google Chrome that is compatible with most of the popular online job boards.

Niche-based job-search websites:

There are several niche-based jobs-search websites which means it only works for a particular industry. Let’s know some of them.

Hired – Tech workers get connected with IT companies through this service.

Internships – entry-level employment, seasonal work, and paid and unpaid internships.

Behance – Portfolio section to display all your creativity.

Public Relations Society - View job openings in PR, media, and corporate communications.

ProBlogger - Resources and job postings for various types of writers (blogs, copy, social media, etc.).

Workew - Mostly in startups and SMBs, remote positions are available in marketing, development, UX & design, sales, and writing.

WeWorkRemotely - Remote work opportunities in marketing, writing, editing, customer support, and other fields.