Top 15 Countries with the Highest Job Opportunities


Wed, 08/31/2022 - 15:32

Living and working abroad gives a wonderful approach to learning about the world, yourself, and what it means to be a global citizen. With the improvement of technology and lifestyle, people are more interested in shifting abroad. But getting stable work that pays well can be intimidating. The whole process of finding a high-paying job might not be easy but with the evolution of technology, many countries are experiencing economic growth and are looking for qualified workers to help build a strong economy. Hence, there are ample amount of work opportunities nowadays. So, if you have the talent and skill to work abroad, you can easily find out job opportunities in the country of your choice.

Since immigration policies keep changing every year, few countries compete to provide better work opportunities to the ex-pats. No wonder it’s difficult to choose the right place to work abroad destination. So, to help you find out the perfect place where you can settle down, find a good job, and live happily ever after, we have compiled a list of top countries which provide the highest job opportunities and much more in 2022.   

  1. Spain:

Average Salary: €32,520 per year

Cost of living: $22,000 + rent

Happiness index ranking: 27

All these years, Spain has been one of those countries that have provided work for foreigners over the years. Several positions are available in various areas, making it an excellent place to demonstrate your abilities. No matter if you speak Catalan or Castilian, there will be something to do that matches your abilities. You can work in a tourist center or teach English as a second language in Spain.

Some of the best cities to look for work opportunities there are mentioned below;

  • Sevilla
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  1. Singapore:

Average Salary: $5,783 per month

Cost of living: $1100-1400 + rent

Happiness index ranking: 32

Singapore is a great place to settle down or look for job opportunities there. The economy of Singapore is well-known for its stability and growth. Great job opportunities are widely available in sectors such as industrial (manufacturing, construction), information and technology, logistics and services, and so on, thanks to enormous improvements in these domains. This country requires a lot of talented entrepreneurs and skills from all over the world who can put their skills to good use to boost the nation’s economy, and the financial incentives are tantalizing.

  1. United Kingdom:

Average Salary: £25,971

Cost of living: £2,500 - £3,000/month

Happiness index ranking: 17

Till today, the United Kingdom boasts one of the world’s largest economies.  This is a nation that has been able to exert significant force on the international stage by its strong impact on great economic, political, scientific, and cultural influence.

As of now, Europe is a global power that continues to lead in scientific and technological advancements, the nation has been able to create numerous job opportunities for people in several industries like finance, aviation, media, tourism, services, education and research, and information technology. Since it is experiencing a major skill shortage. According to the UK figures, the country now has a 75.1% employment rate.

  1. United States of America (USA):

Average Salary: $54,132 per year

Cost of living: $10000 - $18000 per year

Happiness index ranking: 19

A lot of people assert that there are a lot of opportunities in the United States of America. With an economy that has greatly advanced in science and technology, the nation has a lot going for it, including a sophisticated digital and technology sector, advanced media sector, high-class health care sector, and hospitality sector, to name a few.

The US is home to many renowned companies, including Google Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Chevron, Warner Media, and Ford Motor Company. The booming hospitality and service industry also hires individuals with little to no education/training and/or experience.

However, the shortage of workers, both skilled and unskilled, is a big problem that has become worse with the pandemic. The labor market disruptions have left a significant gap that needs to be filled as the economy gradually stabilizes. People who are talented, educated, and ambitious can find employment in the business/hospitality, industrial, and educational sectors.

  1. China:

Average Salary: $15, 000 per year

Cost of living: $1,000- $1,500 / month

Happiness index ranking: 82

China, an emerging force in Asia, and a nation with a multibillion-person is continually expanding. Since China is self-sufficient in all areas of production-agriculture, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, technology, medicine, and business- and as a result, the Chinese economy is robust to support certain job opportunities for skilled individuals.

Millions of people are employed annually by China’s communist system of government in everything from the textile sector to the most cutting-edge technological developments. The coronavirus outbreak had a significant negative economic impact, but China is recovering well and now there are more job opportunities available.

  1. Canada:

Average Salary: $2,784/month

Cost of living: $889/month + rent

Happiness index ranking: 14

Canada, a North American country, is one of the most popular countries for foreign employees looking for a better career or a better way of life. Because there are so many intriguing job prospects here, many immigrants decide to settle down and work here. The best aspect is that they can anticipate receiving a sizable financial windfall and a high level of living in return.

Also, Canada provides a wide range of fantastic immigration options, like the Provincial Nominee Program, which supports skilled foreign immigrants in obtaining work in the country. Hence if you feel like you have the right skill, you are a brilliant and qualified individual, the good news is that Canada is looking for you.

  1. Switzerland:

Average Salary: $73,962

Cost of living: $ 6,846 per month

Happiness index ranking: 3

Western, Central, and Southern Europe all converge in Switzerland. It is a nation that is renowned for drawing a sizable number of visitors due to its emphasis on families, safety, and a robust economy. It has a substantial workforce in the financial services industry.

Despite the high cost of living, Switzerland offers a wide range of rewarding employment opportunities. Additionally, with lower taxes, you will receive a sizable income. there are many job recruitments in various fields including information technology, engineering, hospitality, and financial services.

  1. France:

Average Salary: €39,300 per year

Cost of living: $ 3,392+rent

Happiness index ranking: 21

People from all around the world, especially from Europe, are migrating to France in pursuit of employment, for a decade or longer. France is renowned for its culture as well as the vast employment opportunities it offers to immigrants like you. It has proved effective in filling job opportunities across a range of sectors, including fashion, teaching, computer technology, medical sciences, and architecture.

This country is popular among expats because of its flexible work hours, for instance, the typical weekly work requirement for those who live there is 35 hours. Additionally, it is illegal to send official emails after 6 p.m. Excellent locations like Monaco, Marseille, Paris, and Bordeaux may offer job chances.

  1. New Zealand

Average Salary: $3,323/month

Cost of living: $927/month + rent

Happiness index ranking: 9

Suppose you are a young adult looking forward to broadening your horizons by embarking on a grand adventure and intend to fund with intermediate work. In that case, New Zealand could be the ideal destination for you! There are seemingly endless short-term and seasonal employment opportunities throughout the country, ranging from adventure sports companies to tour operators to farmers.

Aside from the thriving tourism industry, English speakers have no language barriers in New Zealand. Furthermore, Kiwis are very hospitable people and hence most visitors find it very easy to adjust to life in New Zealand. The country is also known for its natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle, making it an ideal destination for adventures.

New Zealand consistently ranks among the happiest countries in the world, including 9th place on the Global Economy 2020 Happiness Index. The relaxed culture and emphasis on a healthy work-life environment. Because finding long-term work balance create a truly unique environment. Because finding long-term work contracts as an expat in New Zealand can be challenging, many travelers work for a season to fund a season of full-time travel and then repeat.

  1. Denmark

Average Salary: $3,556/month

Cost of living: $1,044/month + rent

Happiness index ranking: 2

One of the safest and happiest nations on Earth, Denmark encourages an outstanding work-life balance and has solid social welfare resources, including professional child care and public healthcare. When you combine this with Denmark’s high standard of living and strong economy, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best places to work abroad.

Denmark has the highest cost of living on this list, but average salaries are also increased, and working in Denmark means you’ll likely work fewer hours than in most other countries. Denmark’s geographical location is nestled between Germany and Sweden, which has allowed it to be an important trade route throughout history, and those relationships continue to exist today.

If you wish to work in Denmark, then you will first need to apply for residence and obtain a work permit. Depending on your specific circumstances, there are several types of work permits available, including a fast-track scheme for those with a current job offer from a SIRI-certified company, an Employed Ph.D. in a Denmark education institution, and a trainee scheme for those seeking short-term training experience.

  1. Australia:

Average Salary: $67,860 per year

Cost of living: $20,000/year

Happiness index ranking: 11

Australia is a prosperous country on the continent with a market-based economy and a high per capita income. The Australian economy is heavily reliant on the service sector and its commodities.

According to an Australian ex-pat, unskilled people have many options in addition to exceptional professionals in various industries. Employment opportunities include health and medical care, information technology, industry, agriculture, and aged care residential services.

  1. Germany:

Average Salary: $2,908/month

Cost of living: $886/month + rent

Happiness index ranking: 13

Germany is one of those countries which has one of the world’s greatest economies. A lot of top international firms have their headquarters in Germany, which includes BMW, Volkswagen, Siemens, Allianz, etc. Because qualified individuals with such skill sets are particularly scarce in some parts of Germany, there are numerous job opportunities in science, information technology, engineering, medicine, and health. Furthermore, there are numerous job opportunities available for the unskilled workforce as well.

  1. Netherlands

Average Salary: $3,025/month

Cost of living: $975/month + rent

Happiness index ranking: 5

The Netherlands might not be the richest country in the world, but instead, it has a stable economy. For this reason, this country has somehow managed to attract massive inventions and investments from both the local and international scenes. Hence the country is prosperous and the people happily live there.

Competent people are always in high demand in the Netherlands with several growing sectors such as agriculture, information technology, logistics, health care, manufacturing, and the energy sector, resulting in many job openings.

Indeed, the Netherlands had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union as of December 2019, at 3.2 percent and Statista predicted a 2.86 percent unemployment rate in 2020. Let me add that the pay structure in the Netherlands is relatively good and organizations have an appropriate work structure.

  1. South Korea

Average Salary: $2,210/month

Cost of living: $962/month + rent

Happiness index ranking: 61

South Korea has recently gained popularity as a work-abroad destination, and rightly so. Korea is one of the best countries to work in for its globally acclaimed pop culture, world-class cuisines, thriving economy, and high wages. This makes Korea one of the best countries to work overseas.

While international workers can find work in various fields, particularly those fluent in English, South Korea stands as one of the best places to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). No matter if they will be employed by the Korean Ministry of Education (EPIK) program or a private institution, English teachers will be paid a highly competitive wage and find students eager to learn. Furthermore, work benefits and the low cost of living in Korea provide the teacher with a high standard of living and the opportunity to save.

However, if you are not prepared for some cultural adjustments, Korea can be difficult to live in, particularly in the workplace. However, be prepared to work longer hours than usual, as Korea has the most prolonged working hours of any developed country! This contributes to its low ranking on the happiness index and means that you won’t find the same work-life balance in Korea as you would in many of the other locations on this list.

  1. Brazil

Average Salary: $ 7.85- 9.27 thousand

Cost of living: 1,779$ (9,007R$)+rent

Happiness index ranking: 34

Brazil is South America’s largest country, with the most opportunities for ex-pats. This is a lovely country and its tourism industry is thriving. While Portuguese is the primary language in the country, English speakers have many opportunities in large cities such as Rio de Janeiro.

Since 1988, the Brazilian government has strengthened laws to promote better work-life balance and equitable compensation for long workweeks. Any time worked more than 44 hours a week must be compensated at a time and a half, and weekend and holiday work is paid at double. What really stands out is Braziallians’ 41 days of vacation, which results in high job satisfaction ratings and a high ranking on the happiness index. If you work in Brazil, get used to evaluating a mid-day coffee and lunch break more than you would in the US and UK.


Individuals looking for work are motivated by career advancement and/or monetization of potential. Despite recent world events, many people still look for ideal places, regardless of location, with job opportunities and incredible financial rewards. Finding work in countries where there aren’t enough jobs, even for their citizens, can be challenging. Having the correct information will help with the job search process. If you are still in dilemma about your choosing the right career option for you or moving abroad, well, Shri Resume has got your back. Contact us and we will help you with making the right career decision for you.