How to put interests and hobbies in the resume?


Tue, 06/14/2022 - 22:41

Introduce yourself or tell me something about yourself or this could be phrased differently by a group of interviewer in a formal setting, if not prepared it sounds scary. So today let’s talk about the process to help you answer this open ended question, which appears in every job interview.

This question comes in a number of different forms. For example, walk me through your background or take us through your resume. But whatever it is, this is a trick question because the individuals asking us to tell them about ourselves and in fact, they know everything about us by seeing that resume. So exactly what are they asking us to tell them? They’re asking us for two things. One, they want to know our attitude towards work. What kind of person you are? They want to know whether I’m a good fit for the job and what I can contribute to the company. So we need to catch their attention and keep them interested. Chances are they’ve had a full day looking at hundreds of applicants that look exactly like you. Here’s your opportunity to prove to them that you are best suited for the job.

Start with a formal greetings like good morning, Good afternoon or good evening. Keep your smile, be confident and make good eye contact and avoid common mistakes like saying, Hey, what’s up? And fumbling between the good morning and the good afternoon. After formal gretting say thank you for the opportunity. This is an optional step and depending upon the situation, you could either say thank you for shortlisting me for the final interview or thank you for this opportunity to talk about myself. Now, this will not only create a good first impression, but it’ll also help both you and the interviewer relax a bit.
The rule is to smile, to be proud of your name and to enunciate it clearly and some common mistakes. Here are a thing myself. No fish or calling yourself mister or miss. Now, the question you have right now is should I use my full name? And the answer is yes, always please use your full name, because simply using your first name may sound a little casual. Category two type of questions are about why you’re qualified step number for position and company. If you have work experience, then this is the time to tell them about the position you’ve held, the name of the company, the number of years, any awards that you won and what impact you’ve had on the company, what difference you’ve made to them.

You must sound enthusiastic about your work and don’t sound very pompous like I am a leader. Try to make it sound like a good team player. Tell them something over and above what they can already read in your resume. If you make a claim, try to give some proof to make it credible and believable.

Always start with your most recent position and talk about it and go backwards only if it’s highly relevant or very important, otherwise, your resume covers all of that.

If you are a fresher and your college is prominent and well-known, mention it. Otherwise, let it go. Common mistake. I am a BCA from NIT, so if you are a fresher than just one line like I’m a software engineer from so-and-so, school doesn’t seem enough. So this is your chance to add achievement oriented mini stories. For example, I was part of the research project on how modern technologies change the way of teaching in the future, where we worked with an ED tech company to evaluate the efficacy of some tech based teaching interventions. Make sure you talk about a project in an area that’s relevant to the employer. And if the area is not directly relevant, how about you talk about some skills that could be relevant? For example, you’ve recently done a project called The Impact of Gaming Consoles on the Youth, and you’re just about to appeal for an interview with a food marketing company. So how about you say this to them? This project helped us understand the motivations of today’s youths and how to attract their attention with our products and services. You can also talk about any training program courses or other experiences that you might have had during your graduation question.

Should I mention my CGP when I’m just a fresher when normally I would avoid it because it’s already there on your resume.

Additional qualifications. This may include any outside courses that you did, skills that you gained or awards that you won. For example, I have completed a six month computer animation course from ABC Corp, I’m proficient in Bangla and Urdu. I have learned dot net, Java and Python on Udemy, which have helped me in completing a project on so on and so forth.

Now use some adjectives to describe yourself to the interviewer. For example, you could be versatile, easy going, solution oriented, determined team player or just someone who enjoys working with others.

Now, this is time for closing. This is the point where you tell the interview with two things. One, why are you here? Why are you applying for this job? And two, why are you a right fit for this job? You can also use your future plans and connect them to the company’s goals. For example, although I love my current role, I feel I’m now ready for a more challenging assignment. And end your introduction by saying, that’s all from me. Thank you.

Make sure to read the job description so you can get some words from there that you can cleverly fit into this answer. And second, sound enthusiastic about the position. And now some final tips. Tip number one, write down your personal introduction and make sure you’ve included your top selling points for that position. This will vary from company to company. So make sure you change that and customize that every time you walk into an interview. Don’t memorize the entire introduction or you’re going to sound like a robot. Let a little bit of spontaneity come in and don’t worry too much about the grammatical errors that you think you might make. The third tip is very important. Limit your entire introduction within 60-90 seconds. Maintain good eye contact and look confident while giving all of these answers. If they’re more than one, people sitting in the room and only one person has asked you the question, don’t answer the entire question looking at just that one person. Look at everyone around the room, smile, relax, breathe and remain confident. Use a storytelling mode to tell about your accomplishments. You can use hand gestures if you wish. Don’t go over the top, but you can use some hand gestures. Also sound excited, happy about everything that you’ve done in the past and everything that you’re going to do in the future.

I wish you all the best for that interview coming up.

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